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Albion New Patient

Please Select Referral Type

No Referral

There is no referral required to come in and do an initial assessment. We ensure a thoughtful and careful approach to assessing and triaging who may need to be involved and how physiotherapy may be involved to begin with.

Referred by your dentist

Includes word of mouth or oral health therapist

Referred by your specialist

This includes referral from your Oral Surgeon, ENT, Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Orthodontist Or Neurologist

Referred by your GP under Care Plan

This includes: Medicare Plan, EPC/TCA/Insurance claims and work cover

Referred through GP (no referral)

No in hand referral is required to come in and have an initial assessment, but it provides opportunity for collaborative assessment and care

Albion New Patient Bookings: Services
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